Cognitive Organization Specialist

Let Dr. Krotz help your organization negotiate change through a Needs Assessment, SMART goals, coaching and evaluation. Help your organization develop strategies to develop and implement the right policies and plan to help your organization grow and operate more efficiently!

 The Science of Happiness & Mindfulness: 

Dr. Krotz is an authority on the neuroscience behind happiness. Learn how your amazing brain controls your mind and how you can take control of your life by controlling your negative thought patterns! Tune into mindfulness and be happier every day!!

Women’s Empowerment and Stress Management: 

Dr. Krotz’s personal and professional expertise can help you and your women's groups realize your full potential and live a more meaningful, stress-reduced life! Change forever the way you manage your life and your relationships! Learn how to overcome obstacles and adversity and live the life you imagine!

NSW Spouses Exclusive! “Wine, Women, & Wellness” Your True S.E.L.F. (Spouses Embracing Life Fully) Series       

Dr. Krotz custom developed a Wellness series specifically designed to meet the needs of NSW spouses, who face greater challenges and stressors in their lives. Participants will navigate the 5 components of Wellness: Emotional and Social, Spiritual/Mindfulness, Health/Physical, and Family/Financial support. All sessions will be monitored for effectiveness to ensure that participants are receiving what they need and want in outcomes.

Military Mindfulness and Stress Management: Based on recent research on the effectiveness of Mindfulness on focus, attention spans, and stress management, Dr. Krotz custom designs programs to meet the needs of personnel.  "Minds “At Attention”: Mindfulness Training Curbs Attentional Lapses in Military Cohorts" is documented research on it's effectiveness.

Self Compassion for Caregivers: Caregivers need to remember that they need to take care of themselves first, then others. Whether hospital personnel, professional home caregiver, or a family member caring for another, self-compassion is critical to mental and physical well-bring. Dr. Krotz custom designs programs to meet the needs of individuals or employee groups.

Mother & Daughter Conferences: Develop a more meaningful relationship with your daughter, especially through her teenage years. Learn how to communicate and talk openly, and learn how to listen. The teenage years are especially critical to lifelong relationships—make sure you have what it takes to get through adolescence! Talk so your daughter will listen and listen so your daughter will talk!

 30 Million Words: How to Improve Academics: Learn how to improve academics by learning how to talk and listen to your child, regardless of age. Research proves that the daily exchanges of language between parent and child can significantly improve academic achievement. Help your child succeed by improving your daily interactions!

The Digital Child: Surviving with Technology: Dr. Krotz is an expert in the field of Adolescent Brain development and uses her knowledge to lead interactive discussions on the digital divide and the impact of social media on the teenage brain.

Positive Parenting: Take Charge with Confidence! Do you know how to parent effectively? Do you respond or react to your kids? There is a difference! Learn how to get the behavior you desire through the use of proven techniques. Develop the skills to get your children to behave at home and in school, establish the homework habit, and become more organized! Raise responsible children!

Etiquette Bootcamp:  Do you wish your tween and teen could hold a civilized conversation with you or guests in your home? Do you want to provide then with the life skills necessary to engage in a social world?                                                                                      

This 2-hour class will prepare your young adult for the next family dinner or social gathering. Participants will learn how to start and maintain conversations with adults and peers as well as how to introduce themselves, how to participate in an engaging conversation. We will help reinforce your young adult’s basic etiquette, conversation techniques, and table manners in a fun setting with their peers. Participants will learn how to set the table, use their napkin, and tableware.

Recommended Readings & Resources*

Podcasts by Tara Brach: Two formats: Short, guided meditations (great for falling asleep) and hour long talks for reflection

Books: Anything by Thich Nat Hahn, but start with: You Are Here and No Mud, No Lotus (also has podcasts)

            Anything by Jon Kabat-Zinn, but start with: Wherever You Go, There You Are

* I do not receive any compensation from the sale of these books; I just wanted to pass along some resources that have been valuable to me. There is a plethora of books and podcasts to learn from--find one that suits you!