A dynamic motivational speaker and award winning educator, Dr. Sheila Krotz is the founder and CEO of Positive Influences, a professional development firm providing innovative training in 21st Century Learning and Living strategies. Once a high school dropout, Dr. Krotz persevered as a lifelong learner, with a background in Nursing, a B.S. in Biology, and a M.S. and Doctorate in Education Leadership and Administration. Dr. Krotz is an award winning teacher, Administrator, and social justice advocate for poor and minority students, working for 10 years in an impoverished community at the Mexican border. 

Dr. Krotz ‘walks the talk’ and creates innovative programs based on neuroscience research. She is dedicated to helping individuals be more fulfilled in their professional and personal lives. She works with leaders in the private and public sector to develop and train their innovative teams, drive productivity, increase employee wellness and morale, and cultivate innovative organizational cultures.  She is determined to improve the lives of youth and adults through science based, mindful preparation for 21st Century Learning and Living, with an emphasis on social justice, equity, and compassion. Dr. Krotz fulfills her passion by helping others lead happy and successful lives!

Her best and most fulfilling work has been singlehandedly raising her three amazing daughters!


Kim Rozanski: Sales & Marketing

Celia Lowe: Conference Coordinator

Nicole Hogan: Curriculum Specialist & Social Media

Peter Kuhns: Publicist